Exploit ZXRO executer v1.2 for running Roblox scripts


There have been no good exploits (injectors) for Roblox scripts for a long time, but today I will share a new ZXRO executer hack with which you can run any script for Roblox without any problems. At the moment, this is the latest version of ZXRO executer v1.2 for Roblox, in which minor changes have occurred. The exploit interface has been completely updated, it has become simpler and more convenient, Auto-Refresh has been added, the button is still there, now you do not need to constantly click on the button to update the script files. You can add scripts directly in .txt format (we add them in this format) and run them directly in this hack. In order to use ZXRO executer, you do not need any keys and accounts, everything is completely free!

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