KRNL – injector for Roblox


The KRNL injector is one of the most popular and working injectors for Roblox in 2021. It is constantly updated, and there can be no blocking. With the help of an injector for Roblox, it will be possible not only to inject DLL cheats, but also scripts. As soon as the game is updated and immediately the injector will be updated in just 4 hours. Therefore, I recommend downloading the KRNL injector for the Roblox game and enjoy life.

How to use the KRNL injector in Roblox:
1. Create a folder on the desktop called KRNL.
2. Download the injector from our website and place it in the folder that was created earlier.
3. Run the file and wait for the installation to complete, the injector will open, but you close it.
4. Now open the KRNL folder.
5. Search and open the kmlss file and run it.
6. After you open it, go to absolutely any mode in the game and look for a script for the game.
7. After you enter the mode and find the script there, click the Inject button in the cheat itself.
8. You will have a cmd where you will see a link to the site through which you will receive the coveted key for our game.
9. We are solving the captcha that will be specified, disable Adblock in advance as there may be problems.
10. When you get the key, go back to cmd and copy it and press enter.
11. After the cmd window closes, you will see the inscription instead of Inject-Injected.
12. And insert the script itself and click Execute.
13. Done!

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