Roblox cheat for Lifting Simulator


Lifting Simulator game mode is a particularly popular mode in the Roblox universe. Each player can use his body to increase muscle mass, and if he reaches a certain limit, he needs to sell it for robux. Coins are the game currency, with which you will get various upgrades and be able to change your body. To make it easier to gain muscle, you need to download the cheat for Roblox Lifting Simulator for free from our website. I want to say that the genes of different people and animals are also present in the simulator mode, but any thing can help in this, it can be, for example, a bicycle.

Health – which the survivability of your hero depends, the more health, the stronger the blow can hold the character.
Strength – on which the strength of your strike depends, the stronger the force, the more damage you will cause to the enemy.
Gene – is your maximum development potential. The better the genetics, the greater and stronger the power limit of your character.

The cheat functions are shown in the screenshot.

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