Roblox cheat for Murder Mystery 2


Murder Mystery 2 game mode is in my opinion the most interesting and quite fascinating game for the Roblox universe. The main mod in the game is a mode called Harry. For your information, up to 12 players can be placed on one server and these are: a murderer, a sheriff and 10 innocent people. Game has 3 modes and it’s casual, hardcore, killer. Script has its own specific abilities that will dilute the colors in the game.

The main functionality of the cheat on Murder Mystery 2 for Roblox:
ESP – this function allows you to display the location of all players and see them through the walls;
NOCLIP – the player can fly on the map to any point;
TP – teleport to any point on the map;
Role – you will be able to see the roles of players on the map;
Unlimited Coins – unlimited gold is issued.

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