Roblox hack for Funky Friday


The Funky Friday game mode is more of a dance game. In this mode, the player must repeat the movements that will be shown on the screen when choosing a melody. But remember, the more often a character gets into movements, the more points he gets, or vice versa. There is no main task, only to get into the movements and earn points for yourself. But to make it easier to get into the rhythm, you need to download the cheat on Funky Friday for Roblox for free, and then compete with your friends or with other players.

The main features of the cheat on Funky Friday for Roblox:

  • Autoplay is the main function that replaces the user’s movements and performs them automatically. It is simply impossible to lose when using this option.
  • Legit Mode is again an option that starts playing instead of the user. It differs from the first one only in that it adapts to the “legal regime”. That is, sometimes the program will purposefully make mistakes.
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