Script Money for Roblox – 2 Player Among Us Tycoon [1 click $2 million]


A cool script for the 2 Player Among Us Tycoon mode in Roblox. With this script, you can easily get $ 2 million for 1 click! You can wind up money endlessly! If you haven’t understood yet, then the script for 2 Player Among Us Tycoon will allow you to wind up money endlessly. Just imagine that some players earn money themselves, and you just need to run the script and that’s it! If you were looking for a way to make money in Roblox 2 Player Among Us Tycoon, then this script is for you!

How to use:

For the script to work, you additionally need to download the injector
After that, we insert the script into the injector platform and run it.

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