Shindo Life Codes – Roblox (October 2021)


Shindo life is a mode for Roblox, which was released by Rell World. This happened at the beginning of 2020. Despite the fact that this event was less than a year ago, it has already been visited over 400 million times. Not everyone can boast of such results! That is why the codes for shindo life roblox are so relevant.
Shindo Life is a game made based on the anime Shinobi life. To be brief, you will need to take control of a special character. He must develop, get new abilities, destroy opponents scattered all over the map, and so on. In general, the whole game is built on special elements. They are a kind of abilities that are applied to the character. Depending on them, the strength of a particular hero will be regulated.

Of course, this mode offers to participate in a classic RPG. That is, you will need to take a task from certain mobs, perform it and receive rewards. The main goal, in turn, is to improve your main character. This is intertwined with the storyline, which is made according to the anime of the same name.

Shindo Life Codes (Working)

  • LoopyGomgom! – Redeem for 90 Spins (NEW)
  • GOTTAkeepPUSHINGon! – Redeem for 25 Spins 
  • holdMYSELFtogether! – Redeem for 25 Spins 
  • losingLIFE! – Redeem for Spins 
  • ShinBenTen! – Redeem for 90 Spins 
  • ShinRen! – Redeem for 90 Spins 
  • GOTTAkeepGOING! – Redeem for free Spins 
  • KazeM1na! – Redeem for free Spins 
  • fightTHEweakness! – Redeem for free Spins 
  • Minakaze! – Redeem for 111 Spins 
  • PROVEemWRONG! – Redeem for free Spins

How to make money in the game?
This universe, like any other, has its own economy. It is built on certain currencies. There are three of them here:

Coins are a classic currency that is issued for killing rivals placed all over the map. You can spend it on buying new abilities and improving your appearance. The first stocks can be obtained through codes on the Shindo life roblox.
Shinobi is a kind of analog of diamonds. It is issued only for completing complex tasks that are regularly updated. You can spend it on getting access to new locations.
Robux is a classic currency that must be purchased with real money. Gives you access to the unique improvements that were previously mentioned.
This is how the financial part of this universe is built.

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